When Did You Get Here?

I do my research from a number of different computers and workstations, so I decided to write down some notes for myself to have on hand at all times. The first list I wanted to come up with was an Ancestor’s Arrival list. I’m not sure how this note will help me going forward, but I feel like I’m always looking for these dates as I try and make connections and solidify facts. Here is what the list looks like:

From France
Nicholas Joseph Deschamps, arrived in Nova Scotia before 1730
Paul Desmarais, arrived in Quebec before 1681

From Ireland
Ellen Moynihan, arrived 1881
Mary A. Slattery, arrived before 1864
Mary J. Ennis, arrived 1882
William Driscoll, arrived 1888/9
Mary Murphy, arrived 1880

From Italy
Diomina Tammaro, arrived 1905
Antonio Beatrice, arrived 1894
Carmela Bochicchio, arrived 1897
Stefano Belmonte, arrived 1893
Rosa Ledda, arrived 1893
Francesco Barresi, arrived 1906
Caterina Nolfo, arrived 1906

From Germany (likely Germany)
Huff, arrived before 1747
Carolus Charles Volck, arrived 1708

From England
James Paul Slater, arrived before 1864

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