My work over the past couple of days has been investigating the Thomas Morgan and Mary Elenor Hanna/Cromwell relationship in my family tree. Up until today I have had Thomas Morgan, son of William Morgan and Elizabeth Morgan, born 1623 in Friars, Wales and died 1697 Baltimore, MD; and Mary Elenor Cromwell, daughter of John Cromwell and Abigail Steward, born 1630 in Huntingdon, England and died 1668 Baltimore, MD.

Through the Steward/Stewart line, I was able to trace the family back to Alan Dapifer Dol FitzFlaald born 1016 in Bretagne, Ille-et-Vilaine France and died 1080 in Jerusalem. The Stewarts were the original High Stewards of Scotland and relatives to the Princes of Wales, the Kings of Scots and Kings of England. Of course being an armchair genealogist, I have to take what previous researchers have provided and what little paperwork I can find on-line.
And with further investigation, I have found no real evidence that Mary Elenor Cromwell was the daughter of John Cromwell and Abigail Steward/Stewart. And I kept asking myself, where did the name Hanna come from? Was it a first husband? Was it her actual maiden name? 

Edward III

 I also found a number of inconsistencies with the relationship of Lady Alice de Grey (b.1413 Herefordshire, England d.1459 England) and John Burley, Baron of Bromscroft (b.1408 Bromscroft Castle, Shropshire, England d.1442 Same.) In fact, one of the inconsistencies was if Alice de Grey even existed. Likely, someone mixed up the Thomas Greys along the way. Also, I have seen so many inconsistencies about Alice de Grey’s husband: was it John Burley or William Burley.
With that being said, I have a second lineage that has fewer holes…I think.

I now have Mary Elenor Hanna, daughter of John Hanna (b.1620 Ireland d. 1697 Baltimore, MD) and Thomas Morgan (b.1639 Pembrokshire, Wales d. 1697 Baltimore, MD,) son of William Morgan and Elizabeth Clarges Clarke. This seems to be the second of two camps on the Morgan and Hanna/Cromwell relationship.
But through this Morgan family line, I am able to trace it back through Rowland Morgan (b.1498 Wales d. 1577 Wales) and his mother Elizabeth Vaughn (b.1470 Wales d. 1528 Wales.) Elizabeth’s 3x great grandfather was Edward III. With Edward III being an incredible Gateway Ancestor, I can trace the family back through the entire reign of the Plantagenet dynasty.

Likely, both lineages have a number of errors and contain genealogical inaccuracies, but it has been fun to think that Edward III, King of England, is my 23x great grandfather, that Eleanor of Aquitaine is my 26x great grandmother, and that Geoffrey II, Count of Gatinais is my 30x great grandfather. And thanks to this cool website and ancestor calculator, Geoffrey II, would have 4,294,967,295 people like me claiming heredity.


2 thoughts on “4,294,967,296

  1. I'm having terrible trouble with this same issue. I can definitively trace my family back to Jemima Morgan, whose father was allegedly Thomas Morgan, but from there, a lot of the evidence points to him being the famous Captain Morgan, son of Sir William Morgan, which makes no sense chronologically, geographically, or historically.

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