I hate inconsistencies

About 9 months ago, I was only able to bring the Huff line of my mother’s family back to her great grandfather, George Washington Huff. We didn’t know when he was born or where; we didn’t know when he died, or where; we didn’t know who he married, or when. Now I am able to trace the Huff line back to 1747 Pennsylvania and Edmund Huff. I’m also able to trace the Foulk line back to 1649 in Heppenheim, Germany; the Jones line to 1620 in Corsham, England; the Pickett line to 1668 in Baltimore, MD and the Stevens line to 1648 in Swan Creek, MD. These are all direct antecedents of George W. Huff. However, the family line that most intrigues me is, the Heathcote-Morgan lineage.

The first Heathcote  that shows up in my lineage is Elizabeth Heathcote, who marries William Pickett circa 1690. If I have the correct information (which I question,) I can take the Heathcotes back to Joseph Heathcote born 1660 in Anne Arundel, MD, and possibly further back to John Heathcote b. 1575 in Chesterfield, England. The inconsistency that is troubling me lies in the information I’ve found for Elizabeth Heatcote, b. Abt 1668 Baltimore, MD d. 1710 Baltimore, MD. I have seen her birth date range from 1668 to 1686 and her marriage fluctuate from 1690 to 1700. If her father is really Joseph Heathcote b. 1660 in Anne Arundel, then Elizabeth’s birth date can not be 1668, it would likely be 1685 or there about. Then her marriage date would likely have been the 1700 date that I’ve seen. However, in many of the records or family trees I’ve seen of Elizabeth Heathcote, she is listed as having children (Rebecca, John, Mary, and George) born between 1685 and 1694.

I don’t know what to make of this mess. I know that numbers and dates are transposed over time and without a proper paper trail it is oftentimes a guessing game, but I hate having to make leaps in my research. If the lineage that I currently have listed is true, then Elizabeth Heathcote’s mother was Martha Morgan, daughter of Thomas Morgan (of the famed pirate family) and Mary Eleanor Cromwell (great granddaughter of Henry Williams Cromwell, the grandfather of Oliver Cromwell.)

I intend to keep digging until I’m either proved right or wrong. Until then I’ll keep the information in place so I have a base to work from. And though I hate inconsistencies, I love good stories and pirates and Oliver Cromwell are good stories.


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