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Had some amazing finds last night and today. My great grandfather, Francesco Barresi (b.1880 Mineo, Sicily) had three known brothers, Salvatore (b.1878 Mineo), Mario (b. 1883 Mineo), and Arcangelo (b. 1885 Mineo) and over the last couple of months I have found all three of the brothers’ birth records from Mineo via familysearch.org’s Italy Collections. These collections are not indexed and to use them, you have to scroll through them a little like microfilm. However, today I found not only Francesco’s birth record,but his father’s and his mother’s, his parent’s marriage record, his father’s death record, and his mother-in-law’s death record.

By finding these records, I not only know that Francesco’s father, Arcangelo, was born 31 Dec 1843 Mineo and died 21 Dec 1884 in Mineo, but that Arcangelo’s father was Salvatore and his mother was Rosaria. I called my father this morning to tell him the news and I told him that I was likely the first Barresi in more than two generations that knew the name of Arcangelo’s father and mother. Many in my family don’t understand how excited a family genealogist gets when they discover an entire new generation. And it is thanks to organizations like FamilySearch that allow us armchair archaeologists to uncover previous unknown histories without having to go to Italy, or Ireland, or anywhere.

I now know what church my 3x great grandparents attended and where my 2x great grandparents were baptized. I know who the Mayor of Mineo was in 1843 and 1861 and 1877. I know the name of the doctor that attended Arcangelo before he passed away at the age of 41. I know who the witnesses (Godparents) were at Arcangelo’s baptism and what street he lived on when he died. All of this from a computer 4,300 miles away, but closer than ever.

Francesco Barresi 1880 birth record 
Rosa Ledda 1861 birth record (Francesco’s mother)

Arcangelo Barresi 1843 birth record (Francesco’s father)
Arcangelo’s and Rosa’s marriage record 1877

Arcangelo’s death record 1884

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