I now have 1,359 people in my family tree. Starting with my grandparents, I came into this project knowing about 200 people and that is mostly just names, not DOBs, places of birth, date of death or places of death. It’s a pretty good accomplishment so far, to be able to say that I have added 1,159 new, unique, family members to our history. I hope to continue adding to my extended family, but it does get more difficult as I move on.

Here is a listing of the furthest I’ve been able to go back (with as much certainty as possible) via my four grandparents (direct lineage)

Barresi line: 1765 Giuseppe Ledda (likely Mineo, Catania, Sicily, Italy) my 5x great grandfather
Belmonte line: Dionisio Belmonte 1838 (likely Bonito, Italy) my 3x great grandfather
Fields: Hubert Comeau 1363 Dijon, France my 17x great grandfather
Driscoll: James Ennis (abut 1820 likely Dublin, Ireland) my 4x great grandfather

I’ve put these places on a map for reference points.

As you can tell, I have a lot of work to catch up to my French lineage. And as always, I’ll take any and all help and suggestions.


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