I get by with a little help from my friends and family

For the past year, I’ve been stuck researching the Italian side of my family. The Barresi line was giving me the most problems. I had been able to only go back to my great grandfather Francesco Barresi (b. 10 Mar 1880 Mineo, Catania, Sicily, Italy d. 4 Jun 1943 Revere, MA) and no further. I became more and more frustrated as time went on. Then earlier this week, the husband of a distant cousin found my blog and provided me with a wealth of information. Bill Boyarsky is the husband of my 2nd cousin 1x removed, Betty Jean (BJ) Spinelli. Bill has accumulated years of genealogy research and used to run his own website. And thanks to the internet, he was able to find my blog and provide me with nearly a thousand names of family members that I would never have found.

Bill was able to provide me with names all the way up to my 4th great grandfather, Guiseppe Ledda (b. 1765 likely in Sicily.) I’ve spent the past few nights entering all the new family members into my Family Tree and I’ve only cracked the first 4 pages out of the 15 total pages of single spaced names. I look forward to continuing tonight and tomorrow and the night after.

And though the names I now have for my records are fantastic and well worth all the anxiety, but the most valuable thing is that I have been able to connect with another family member and share our passion for preserving our family’s history.

Here is the new genealogy for the Barresi – Ledda line:

Guiseppe Ledda  b. 1765
 – Antonio Ledda  b. 1798
    +Agaippina Caruso b. 1793
      – Francesco Ledda b. 26 Mar 1836
       +Mariangela Rosaria
          – Rose Alleda b. 27 Apr 1861, d. 14 Feb 1949
           +Angelo Barresi (birthname Arcangelo. DOB unknown) d. 1885
             – Francesco Barresi b. 10 Mar 1880 d. 4 Jun 1943
             + Caterina Nolfo b. 7 Mar 1881 d. 1957
                 – Michael Joseph (Mario) Barresi b. 25 May 1924 d. 13 Mar 2010
                 + Camille Marie Belmonte b. 28 Aug 1926
                    – Michael Stephen Barresi b. 5 Oct 1952
                    + Elizabeth Fields b. 1Jan 1953
                       – Michael Stephen Barresi b. 5 Nov 1978
                       + Courtney Kathleen Evans b. 3 Jan 1978
                          – Ava Celeste Barresi b. 17 Jul 2009


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