Those Places Thursday

One of the main attractions to researching family history is thinking and dreaming about places that my relatives lived and worked. Was it better to live in 1840’s Quebec or 1920’s in Boston? Would I have wanted to be part of the French settlement group that helped build Port Royal, Nova Scotia or would I have been better off living in a small town in the heart of Sicily? I often think about those places and what my ancestors lived like, what they looked like, and wondered if they all knew that they were destined for distant shores. They all ended up in Boston, MA, but it took hundreds of years and voyages from countless countries to get them to Boston at one point in time. Lucky for me, they all made it and prospered just enough to keep the family going, for future generations to try and make a better life. Whether in the cold of a Canadian winter, battling the potato famine or running away from demons, they all came here for their reasons and we are all a product of their travails. That’s what I think about on Those Places Thursday.

Port Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada
Mineo, Catania, Sicily, Italy
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
County Cork, Ireland


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