Wedding Wednesday – Alfred and Susan Belmonte

My great grandparents, Alfredo Salvatore Belmonte (b. 25 Oct 1901 Boston, MA d. 1964 Melrose, MA) and Susan (Susie) Beatrice (b. 14 Jan 1908 Swampscott, MA d. 22 Apr 1994 Melrose, MA) were married in 1925 when my Nana was 17 years old and Grandpa Alfred was 24. Alfred was born in Boston to Stephano Belmonte and Carmela Buchichio and Susie was born in Swampscott to Antonio Beatrice and Diomina Tammaro. They were the first people on my father’s side that were born in the United States.

In 1925, they were all living in Revere, where Alfred and Susie stayed until they moved to Melrose in the 1950s. I never knew my Grandpa Alfred, but grew up with my Nana as a big part of my life. I miss her more and more all the time wishing I had asked her more questions about herself and her family.


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