Tracking a career

My great grandfather, George A. Fields (b. 5 Feb 1885 Nashua, NH d. 30 Jan 1963 Everett, MA) began working in his brother Osias O. Deschamps’s grocery and butcher shop as a young man. First records show him as 14 years old working as a clerk in the store, Deschamps and Houde, located in Nashua. George joined the Army for a number of years, beginning in 1903 as an 18 year old. He met and married Nellie Huff in New York and returned to New England to continue his trade. He worked as a butcher in a couple of shops in Boston and Roxbury before opening up his own shop in Roxbury. Later he opened up a second shop on North Street in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. I plan on tracking George’s moves from young clerk in Nashua to well established and respected small business owner in the heart of historic downtown Boston. I’m going to track and date his jobs, residences and important events in his life in a Google Map. It’s an exciting task that I’m really looking forward to beginning. I’ll post the link to the Map as I go and maybe this is a project that I take on with other family members.

George A. Fields’s Map

UPDATE 4/27/11: I really like how this project is turning out. I have updated George A. Fields’s map with 9 locations in Boston and Nashua with descriptions of where I found the record/info. I think this is really something I may pursue for other people and/or families.


2 thoughts on “Tracking a career

  1. I have a plan to map where everyone lived as well. So many of our relatives were from the same area, that I want to see how close they actually lived to one another.

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