There sure are a lot of Gustafsons

Part of my genealogical research, is to investigate my wife’s family history as well. My wife’s father, Joseph Evans, was born in New Philadelphia, Ohio. I’ve been able to trace the Evans family back to Wales through his great grandfather John J. Evans (b.1844 Wales.) And I’ve been able to track Joe’s Irish roots back to Ireland via his grandmother, Mary Kelley’s line (b. 1889 Ohio.) However, Joe’s mother was Ruby Irene Gustafson, b. 1910 in Ohio. Her parents, Gustaf A. Gustafson and Augusta Lindstrom immigrated to the US, from Sweden, in 1902 with their one year old daughter Martha/Marta. Joe has said that his family came from Goteborg, but apparently so didn’t every other Gustaf A. Gustafson. I’m having a real difficult time tracking the family back any further than their July 1902 arrival. I was hoping to find some record of them in Sweden via a census or marriage record, but I haven’t been able to find anything so far. I do know that they were married in front of Sophia of Nassau, Queen of Sweden, but I don’t even know when. I would assume the marriage took place in the mid to late 1890s, but I haven’t found any records of it yet. I hope to find the connection between Gustaf and Augusta and the Queen. I know that the Queen sent her children to public schools, so maybe Gustaf or Augusta were friendly with her sons in school? I don’t know, but I intend to keep digging until I do!


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