How far back can you go?

In order to bring some sort of order to my research, I’ve begun to do what most well organized family researchers already have done. I’m actually going to try and follow each family line as far as I can before I move on to the next. For the time being, my research is being done predominantly online, in cemeteries and through stories with relatives. I’ve begun to organize my research on my mother’s side of the family first. My mother’s French (French-Canadian) side (Deschamps) has been so well documented that I’ve been able trace it back hundreds of years through various family lines. Here is the list that I’ve exhausted thus far. And this is just a fraction of the list of names that I’m trying to research and these are all direct relationships (no cousins, etc.)

Surname, First name – Date in which line ends – Place line ends
Deschamps, Nicholas Joseph  1710  St. Martin-de-Re, Fr
Toupin, Gaspard  1580  France
Desmarais, Jacques  1630   Paris
Gobeil, Michele  1565   St. Liguaire, France
Royer, Jean  1636  St. Come, France
Messier, Marin  1550  Rouen, France
Lavalle, Jean  1674   Richelieu, France
Blanchet, Leopole  1760   Canada
Bougie/Baugis, Pierre  1560  France
Lapointe, Nicholas  1637  St. Pierre, France
Poulet/Paulet, Pierre  1600  Dieppe, France
Petit, Nicholas  1600  Courcon, France
Trahan, Nicholas  1570  Loire, France
Giroux, Jean  1598  Bignon, France
Pepin/Pepin-Lachance, Emile  1580  Valcourt, France
Drapeau, Etienne  1585   La Rochelle, France


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