Wednesday’s Child: Alida P. Deschamps

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Unfortunately, there are too many stories that I could have written about for Wednesday’s Child (graciously run by Amy at Gravestoned). However, I chose to write about Alida P. Deschamps because we don’t know much about her. Alida was born 20 Feb 1889 in Nashua, NH to Osias and Octavie Deschamps, nee Lucier. And just two months before her second birthday, she passed away, 8 Dec 1890 in Nashua, NH. And though we don’t know anything else about Alida P. Deschamps, we do know that Osias’s sister, Clara Adeline and her husband Joseph Houde, had a daughter less than three years later and named her Alilda C. Houde. Besides Clara and Osias being sister and brother, Osias and Joseph were business partners and to me, the naming of their daughter Alida was clearly in memory of the niece they lost. And it may have been a fitting tribute because Alida C. Houde went on to become a nun and lived to be 103 years old. Stories like this make me believe in a higher power. How could they not.


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