Photo Album

While my daughter naps, I thought it was a good time to upload some family photos. Here are some photos from my childhood.
Me and my sister Sheryl outside our grandparents’ house. (1981 Melrose, MA)

My younger sister, Alicia’s, christening. My mother, Betty, is holding my sister and then it’s my father, Michael, my aunt Anne Fossetti Fields and my father’s first cousin, Stephen Belmonte. (June 1983 Everett, MA)

My grandfather, Michael J. Barresi, holding me. (1979 Melrose, MA)

My sister Sheryl and my mother getting ready for my uncle, Paul Barresi’s wedding. (1980 Woburn, MA)

My father holding my sister Alicia (1983 Malden, MA)

Me and my sisters (1983 Malden, MA)

My grandfather, William Douglas Fields (1979)

My mother, me, my grandfather, my sister, my father (1979)

me, my father, my sister and my mother (1979)

my sister and I dressed up for Easter at my grandparents’ house (1980 Melrose, MA)

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