Knocking down walls

I’ve recently hit a bit of a wall with my Italian heritage research. I haven’t found anything new or insightful for a few weeks now. Then today at lunch, I was doing some research on-line using and Ellis Island, I found the arrival information of my great great great grandfather, Michele Tammaro. It was such an interesting discovery because I wasn’t particularly looking for his arrival record, but it was a happy accident.

All that I knew about Michele Tammaro was that he was married to Vincenza Riccia, that his daughter was Diomina (my great great grandmother) and that he was likely from the province of Avellino in Italy. Here is what I found out about Michele today:

Michele Tammaro, age 58, arrived in New York on May 25, 1909 aboard the San Giovanni. The point of departure for the San Giovanni was Napoli and Michele’s last residence was in Mirabella, Avellino, Italy.

For some reason I’ve head much better luck finding records of my French and Irish relatives, but maybe this is the kick start I needed to get going with my father’s family.


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