Talented Tuesday – A builder in the family

My great great grandfather was a carpenter. A great carpenter from what I hear. Louis Deschamps was born 21 Jul 1842 in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, but lived in Nashua, NH for a large portion of his life. A carpenter and builder by trade, Louis built the house he lived in and the house his son and his family lived in. The addresses for the houses are 65 Kinsley and 43 Kinsley Street Nashua, NH. Built at the turn of the 20th Century, they are both still standing. I know he built other houses in the area as well, but I don’t have any records of where they were located. Though the houses may not be in the best condition now, I have a lot of pride for what my grandfather was able to accomplish. The craftsmanship is evident even if the facades are slowing deteriorating. And they may no longer belong to the family, they are a part of our family story.

The first two pictures are of 65 Kinsley Street and the third is 43 Kinsley (Nashua, NH)





5 thoughts on “Talented Tuesday – A builder in the family

  1. That top house, in particular, is quite elegant. I can't imagine living there as a child while my father built yet another home! (My husband's grandfather was also a builder and did the same thing, though his homes weren't as large or elaborate.)

  2. Thank you Marian. The large house is quite large and you can tell that in its day, it must have been beautiful. The part of Nashua that my family lived in, has not kept up well, but it's always nice to be able to go back and still see the houses standing.

  3. Beautiful! It looks like the large house has been changed into a duplex. I wonder what it looked like as a single family home? One large door centered? I wonder if the historical society has any photos of the old houses? It would be great to see them in their heyday.

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