Military Monday – George Washington Huff

This is becoming an all too familiar theme in my research, but not a lot was known about my great great grandfather George Washington Huff. Other than his name and that he was in the military, my family couldn’t recall too much about him. One of my aunts said that he was a tailor in the Army. I haven’t actually found any documents describing him as such. I do have many of his enlistment papters (which I will post tonight) and they list him as a soldier.

George Washington Huff was born in Morris, Illinois in 1861 and began enlisting in the Army by the time he was 18. Records I have show that he served in Kansas and New York, but since one of his children were born in California, I will assume that he also served in CA. While serving at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, his daughter, Nellie Huff, met a soldier of her own, George Arthur Fields. They would marry and are my great grandparents.

However, George W. Huff, a career soldier in the US Army, died due to a fracture at the base of his skull from an accident (supposedly getting run over by a horse) on 16 Sep 1902. Though the record doesn’t state whether it was on base or off, I’ll keep searching. I’ve been able to find out a lot about my great great grandfather, but there is still a lot to uncover.
(I want to post the documents I have, but the image size is too large. If anyone has any advice, please don’t hesitate.)

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    I found your blog through Geneabloggers's Staurday listing of new blogs. Welcome aboard – it's a great community.

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